HGV Training

Get started with our HGV training among the professionals

Looking for a dedicated training provider? With our HGV driver training, we provide you with a dedicated instructor who is responsible for your training till your license test booking. Our HGV training has helped so many new drivers make their way in the industry just as the experienced ones do. Our professional yet friendly staffs join hands to bring you an ultimately good HGV training experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the country.

Which HGV training licenses do we offer?

Some of our trainees come to us and want to be able to drive delivery vans while some of them want to drive huge Lorries. According to their requirements, we guide them through the license category for HGV training that suits them the best.

    Suits anyone who wants to drive delivery vehicles like vans, paramedics etc. With this licence in you can driver vehicles up to 7500 kg.
    Perfect for drivers who want to drive vehicles weighing 7500 along with a trailer of 750 kg. What’s more is, you can tow a trailer if your job requires on this license category.
    Required for anyone who wants to handle vehicles in excess to 7500 kg with a trailer up to 750 kg.
    For drivers who want to handle the largest vehicles available in excess of 7500 kg with trailers above 750 kg.

HGV Jobs in London, Manchester and Birmingham

Currently there is a demand for commercial drivers all across the UK but major cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham have so much to offer in terms of HGV jobs. There are so many existing and emerging transportation companies that are looking to hire professional drivers to boost their profits. These companies always prefer people trained through HGV driver training to reduce the risk of any accidents while on the work during work hours. New commercial drivers trained through HGV driver training are making up to £30,000 per annum which increases with time, skill and experience.

Require funding for your HGV training?

Short on funds and can’t enrol in our affordable LGV training? This is your chance to train now and pay later with our 0% interest rate funding option. We don’t want any hurdles in your training experience because we care.